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Q: What year was libby walker orange bowl queen?
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Who was the 1962 orange bowl queen?

linda Eglan

Who was orange bowl queen 1965?

The Queen of the 1965 Orange Bowl was Linda England who was 20 years old at the time. The interesting part of the story is, she didn't enter the competition until 30 minutes before the deadline.

What are the release dates for The United States Steel Hour - 1953 Queen of the Orange Bowl - 7.10?

The United States Steel Hour - 1953 Queen of the Orange Bowl - 7.10 was released on: USA: 13 January 1960

Who was 1976 orange bowl queen?

Nancy Wakefield from Winter Haven, Florida was the 1960 Orange Bowl Queen.

Who was the 1985 orange bowl queen?

Nanita Greene Samuels. She is on Facebook.

How many Hershel walker Super Bowl wins?

Herschel Walker never played in a Super Bowl.

Who won the 1956 orange bowl?

Oklahoma won the Orange bowl in 1956.

When was Miami Orange Bowl created?

Miami Orange Bowl was created in 1936.

When was Dunlop Orange Bowl created?

Dunlop Orange Bowl was created in 1947.

Does Herschel Walker have a Super Bowl ring?

No, he does have a Super Bowl ring.

Who won orange bowl 1999?

The Florida Gators defeated the Syracuse Orange 31-10 in the 1999 Orange Bowl.

What time does the orange bowl start in 2009?

The Orange Bowl starts at 7pm central time