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1977 had a VFL Grand Final Draw - Collingwood and North Melbourne. North Melbourne prevailed the week after. There has not been one in AFL before. (VFL became AFL in 1990)

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Q: What year was last draw in grand final afl?
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What year did Penrith win their last Grand Final?

In 2003.

What year did the Western Bulldogs last win a grand final?

1954 - when known as Footscray Bulldogs. That has been their ONLY grand final win.

Who won the AFL competition last year?

last year (2009) the geelong cats beat Saint Kilda in the grand final

Did any team win the afl grand final from bottom position previous year?

No, it hasn't happened. The closest was Collingwood which went from last in 1976 then drew the grand final in 1977. Collingwood lost in the grand final replay.

Who won the grand final nrl football last year in 2008?

The Manly Sea Eagles

When has the AFL grand final been held every year science 1987?

last Saturday of September

Which stand will rhinos fans be allocated for super league grand final?

It was the east stand last year

What year was the last draw in an all Ireland hurling final?

As of the end of the 2013 championship, the last draw in an All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final was the 2013 final, between Clare and Cork. Before that it was in 2012 between Galway and Kilkenny. Previous to that it was in 1959, between Waterford and Kilkenny.

What date is the AFL Grand Final?

There is no set date, but its almost indelible tradition is to play it on the last Saturday in September each year. In this year of 2010, it was a draw on that day, so it was rescheduled to be played again the very next week - the first Saturday in October.

What time is 2008 afl grand final?

if it is the same time as last year, then it will be 2.30pm....dont know why they would change it...

Who will win the 2008 nrl grand final?

it was last year i was there had the best day of my life sea eagles 40-0

When is the 2009 AFL grand final held?

this year it will be held on Saturday September the 26th. It is always on the last Saturday of September