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Basketball was founded in 1891.

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Q: What year was basketball founded?
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In what year was the NBA founded?

The NBA was founded in 1946. June 6th 1946 as the Basketball Association of America. They changed it to the NBA in 1949 when merging with the National Basketball League.

Where was basketball founded?


When were the detroit pistons founded?

The Detroit Pistons are a franchise of the National Basketball Association and they were founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the year 1941. The Pistons moved to Detroit in the year 1957.

When was the American basketball association founded?

The ABA was founded in 1967

Who founded basketball?

James Naismith

When was Marquette Basketball founded?

Marquette Basketball or Marquette Golden Eagles Men's Basketball formerly the Marquette Warriors was founded in 1916. It played for a national title in 1974 but lost.

When was Ohio state basketball founded?

in 1892

When was basketball founded?

In 1891 by James Naismith.

Where was the sport of basketball founded?


When was the National basketball association founded?


In what year was the Indiana Fever Basketball League founded?

The Indiana Fever is actually a basketball team, not a league, and they play in the Eastern Conference in the Women's National Basketball Association. They were founded before the beginning of the 2000 season by Herb Simon, who also owns the Fever's NBA counterpart, the Indiana Pacers.

When was the PBA basketball team founded?

The PBA, or Philippine Basketball Association, consists of nine basketball teams. It was founded in 1979. For more information about PBA, check out their official website.

What year where The New York Knickerbockers or Knicks founded?

The New York Knickerbockers, or Knicks, are a professional basketball team based in New York City. They play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Founded in 1946 (Charter member of the BAA, later NBA).

What year did the NBA begin?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) was founded on June 6, 1946, as the Basketball Association of America (BBA). They adopted the NBA name on August 3, 1949.

When were the Pittsburgh Panthers Basketball team founded?

in juky

What year was the EU founded?

What year was the EU founded

What year was goergia founded?

1732 is the year it was founded

What year was Helsinki founded?

It was founded in the year 1550.

Who founded And1 basketball?

Derrick Turner. The best basketball player ever from St. Louis

In what year was Plymouth founded?

Plymouth was founded in the year 1620.

What year was Chevrolet founded?

Chevrolet was founded in the year 1911.

What year was the Canadiens franchise founded?

It was founded in the year 1910.

What year was comic relief founded?

1985 was the year it was founded!!!

What year was ITV founded in?

ITV was founded in the year 1954.

In what year was Fenerbahce founded?

Fenerbahce SK was founded in the year 1907. Fenerbahce SK is a Turkish sports club. It is currently one of the largest sports team clubs its home country of Turkey. This club supports the Istanbul professional basketball team.