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Q: What year was Wayne Gretzky a rookie?
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What year was gretzky's rookie card?

Wayne Gretzky's rookie card is from 1979-80 O-Pee-Chee and Topps.

Is there a difference in the value of a Topps Wayne Gretzky rookie card as compared to an O Pee Chee Gretzky rookie card?


What is the value of a signed Wayne Gretzky rookie card?

Gretzky has only ever signed one rookie card of his....and he kept it. $4.00 US

Value of a Wayne Gretzky 1978 hockey card?

Have A 1978-79 Wayne Gretzky, Neilson rookie card when he played with the Greyhounds, can you tell me what its worth?

What would Wayne Gretzky rookie year uncut set from O-Pee-Chee be worth?

A dollar, maybe two.

What is the most exspensive hockey card?

Wayne Gretzky rookie card

How many goals did Wayne Gretzky score in his rookie season?


How do you spot counterfeit gretzky rookie cards?

Counterfeit Wayne Gretzky rookie cards will not have a clear appearance to them. Another way to spot counterfeit cards is that the edges will not be crisp.

Wayne gretsky rookie card?

The value of the Wayne Gretzky rookie card depend on its condition. Cards in mint condition are valued as much as 3000 dollars as of 2014.

How much is a reprint of Wayne gretzky?

They are usually worth a small fraction of it's original counterpart ... For Wayne Gretzky rookie reprints they sell anywhere $2 - $50 us dollars...

What is the value of a Wayne Gretzky rookie hockey card in very good condition?

What is the value of a "Score" 1991 card in mint condition of Wayne Gretzky worth along with a picture of his entire team then and a Wayne Gretzky "score card # 122 in mint condition.

What year did Wayne Gretzky play for the Oilers?

Wayne Gretzky played for the Edmonton Oilers from 1979-1988.

How much is a reprint of Wayne Gretzky's rookie card worth?

Essentially, reprints are worthless as collectibles.

How much is the world's most expensive sport's card?

A Wayne Gretzky rookie card or a Babe Ruth All-Star card or rookie card

What year was Wayne Gretzky traded to the los angeles kings?

Wayne Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings in 1988

How rare are autographed Wayne Gretzky rookie cards?

They are extreamly rare you could get anywere from 1000 - 50000

What is the birth name of Wayne Gretzky?

Wayne Gretzky's birth name is Wayne Douglas Gretzky.


Its around $100,000 so i would definitely keep it

What is the worth of a Wayne Gretzky signed rookie card?

His rookie card is worth more unsigned then signed. If the condition is mint it is worth upto $2000

What year did Wayne Gretzky's grandmother die?

in 1972

What is the value of Wayne Gretzky 22kt gold rookie and career cards by The danbury mint?

between $70 and $90 bucks in good condition

What year did Wayne Gretzky play for Oilers?

Wayne palyed for the oilers in 2026-2039

Is sydney Crosby the best NHL ice-hockey player after Wayne Gretzky?

This is a very difficult question to answer. Going on statistics alone, Crosby is no where near Gretzky and is not even the best player from his rookie year. Most people believe that as of right now Lemeuix, Messier, Sakic, or Francis are the best players since Gretzky

What is Wayne Gretzky's full name?

Wayne Douglas Gretzky.

Where is Wayne Gretzky from?

Wayne Gretzky is from Brantford, Ontario, Canada.