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1879 the coach at Yale Walter Camp made football from the game of Rugby.

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Q: What year was American football made in?
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What is a football American football made of today?


What did american football envolved from?

American football started in the year 19th century. Some people refer football as soccer.

Who made American football?

Walter camp

What is an American Football made of?

cotton and rubber

Who invented or made the first football for the game of football?

depends what football you're referring to: soccer or American football? depends what football you're referring to: soccer or American football?

How many deaths in football?

Average of 8 deaths a year in American football.

What year was football made?

madden was made in 1922

What year did the American football league start?

The American Football League was founded and held its first games in 1960.

What are American football helmets made of?

by polycarbonate shell

What material is an American football made of?

i THINK it is pigskin

What is the football made from?

By football I am assuming American football. It is a rubber bladder with leather sewn around it and then inflated.

When was the football made?

a year back in the days

What year were the first rules for American Football written?

In 1876

What is American football made of today?

Leather made out of cowhide and filled with air.

In what year did the Cincinnati Bengals become a professional football team?

1968, in the American Football League.

What is the skin of a football made of?

The American football is made out of leather which answers the age-old question: Pig or Cow? It is a cow.

When was American football made?

American Football was founded in the mid- 19th century by American college campuses who studied the English sports of Football( Soccer )and Rugby to create the hybrid of both of these sports.

What year was the first football made?

1879 the coach at Yale Walter Camp made football from the game of rugby.

What year was the year when the American flag was made?

It was made in May, 1776.

What year was the sport American football recorded?

Well it was called Football but it is now Soccer But I do not know the date.

How much does an American football player make a year?

900000 a week

How many American football helmets are sold every year?


In what year did pro football start?

The National Football League, at the time called the American Professional Football Association, was founded in 1920.

Is football American or is soccer American?

football is american

Is the person who invented football the same person who invented American football?

No they are two persons who made it possible.