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The Cricket world cup has been held in Caribbean in 1975 and 2007.

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Q: What year is the cricket world cup be held in the Caribbean?
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Where Was The Cricket World Cup held in 2005?

Cricket world cup didnt happen in 2005. It was in the year 2007.

In which year was the cricket world cup held 2003 or 2004?

It was held in the year 2003, the next one is in 2011.

What is the symbol of cricket world 2010?

there was no cricket world cup in the year 2010 it was held in 2011 and mascot was stumpy the elephant

Which year was cricket world cup held 2003 or 2004?


Where was the first cricket world cup held and who won it?

The first cricket world cup was held in England in the year 1975. And West Indies won by 17 runs.

Where is the cricket World Cup beig held?

The next ICC Cricket World Cup will be held in 2011 in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

How often is the cricket World Cup?

The Cricket World Cup Is Held Every 4 Years

Name of first Cricket World Cup?

In 1983 and 2011 India won the cricket world cup

Which company sponsored 1984 cricket world cup?

There was no Cricket World Cup tournament held in 1984, though the Cricket World Cup tournament of the previous year, 1983, was sponsored by financial company Prudential.

When ICC cricket is going to held?

it is held every 4 year

Where was the1996 World Cup held?

There wasn't a world cup in 1996, it was Euro 96 held in good old England.

When was India's first icc world cup?

india palyed in the first edition of the cricket world cup it was held in the year of 1975 in england