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Basketball was started December 21,1891by Dr.Naismith a physical education instructor in a YMCA .

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Q: What year is basketball had started?
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When was NBA basketball started?

In the year 1892

What was the first year of the first basketball tournament?

it started in 1971

What year did basketball start and in which country?

it started in 1891 and in the u.s.a

What year did ian lockhart start playing basketball?

He started playing in the year of 1990

What year was the NCAA division I men's basketball tournament started?


What was the first year the women's basketball tournament was televised?

it started in 1996

When did derrick rose start basketball?

Derrick Rose Started playing basketball year 2008. After that year he won Rookie of the year being the 1st overall pick. By NKF

What year did he started basketball professionally?

Let me answer your question with another question..... who exactly are you talking about?

What year did Dwyane Wade start basketball?

He started for the pros in 2003 and is still playing.

What is the name of the man who was the inventor of basketball and what year did it come out?

Naismith, in 1891 is started with a literal basket hung on a wall

What age was Teresa Edwards when she started playing basketball?

how old was teresa edwards when she started playing basketball?

When was basketball started?

Basketball was invented by james naismith in 1891.