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Naismith, in 1891

is started with a literal basket hung on a wall

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Q: What is the name of the man who was the inventor of basketball and what year did it come out?
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What is the name of the inventor of basketball and what year did it come about?

It was invented by Dr. James Naismith in 1891.

What year did basketball come about?

Basketball first came about in early December 1981.

Name of the Microsoft Word inventor and in which year?

microsoft carporetion

When was the inventor of coffee born?

Coffee was discovered thousands of year ago. As such, the name of its inventor has been lost to antiquity.

What year did the movie Love abd Basketball come out?

The movie, Love and Basketball, came out in April of 2000.

How did James Naismith invent basketball?

a hoop and a ball shoot that ball when he seen it he want to be a inventor in springfeild ,massachetts in usa on the year of 1891

When do the 2009-2010 NCAA basketball schedules come out?

Basketball schedules for next year are released depending on the team. I've noticed that they usually come out mid summer.

What was the name of the person who created basketball and what year?

James Naismith in 1891

Who is the inventor of the thong?

The inventor of the 'thong' is Michael Jackson in the year 1974.

What is the name of the worst team in college basketball?

Depends on the year you are referring to and what division.

Who is James Naismith?

He Is the inventor of Basketball. He also had to invent a winter sport to play at school. He went to the college Springfield Massachusetts. He was born Nov 6 year 1861 and died on Nov 28 year 1939.

The inventor of the ferris wheel?

The guy's name was George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. in the year 1893 for a fair.

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