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The first Winter Olympics that featured women's Ice Hockey was the 1998 Games in Nagano.

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Q: What year did womens hockey start in the Olympics?
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What year did ice hockey start in the Olympics?

It started in 1920 in the summer olympics.

What year did hockey start in the Olympics?

It started in 1920 in the summer Olympics then was transferd permanently to the winter games in 1924.

What year did team Canada in ice hockey start at the winter Olympics?


When did women's water polo start?

I am not exactly sure when womens waterpolo started but womens waterpolo in the Olympics around the year 2000. Hope this helps!

What is the date that the Olympics start this year?

27 JULY 2012 (more exactly 25 July with womens football)

When was hockey introduced in the Olympics?

The first year hockey was played in the Winter Olympics was 1908.

What year did ice hockey start to compete in the winter Olympics?

Ice hockey was competed at the first Winter Olympic Games in 1924. But, ice hockey first debuted at the 1920 Games in Antwerp.

What year did hockey begin to be played at the Olympics?

Ice hockey has been a part of the Olympics since 1920. In 1924, it was moved from the Summer Olympics to the Winter Olympics.

What sport was introduced to the Olympics this year?

Womens boxing

What year was hockey introduced to the modern olympics?

The men's hockey tournament was introduced in 1920 and was permanently added to the Olympics in 1924.

What year did Womens speedskating start in the Olympics?

I'm pretty shure it started when women were firsast allowed to articipate in the olmpics... surch it on google to find out.

What year did womens swimming become an event for the Olympics?


Which year India participated in Olympics Hockey?


What is in the Olympics this year?

playing hockey with tomatos in underwear

What year did the US win the hockey championship in the Olympics?

1960 and 1980 were the only years that the US Men's Hockey Team won the gold medal at the Olympics.

Which sport will kick off the Olympic games this year?

womens football will kick off the olympics this year.

What year did the US win the gold medal for hockey in the winter Olympics?

1960 and 1980

In what year did NHL hockey start?

nhl hockey started in the 1800's

What year did Team Canada start play hockey hockey?

It started in 1889 or 1892

In what year did the Modern Olympics start?

1896 the first modern Olympics started

Where will the winter Olympics be held this year and when does it start?

The winter Olympics will be in Vancouver in 2010.

What year did the Olympics start in Georgia?

Atlanta, Georgia hosted the Olympics in 1996.

What year did Alexander ovechkin start playing hockey?

he started playing hockey at the age of 7.

Members of Canada's 1954 Men's Olympic Hockey Team?

The Winter Olympics weren't held that year.

What year did Montreal start playing hockey?