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The Super Bowl has been held at several different times through the years. Originally, it was an afternoon game, but became an evening game in 1979.

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Q: What year did they change the kick off time of the Super Bowl?
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What time is Super Bowl 2009 kick-off in Chicago?

5:30. Same time for the 2011 Super Bowl.

When was the last day time kick off for a Super Bowl?

The last afternoon kickoff time for a Super Bowl was Super Bowl XI between the Raiders and Vikings.

What is the Super Bowl kick off time in Europe?

1;30 am

What time is super bowl kick off in Texas?

5pm Central time.

What time does the Super Bowl start according to Pacific Time?

The actual Super Bowl kick-off is traditionally at 3:30 pm Pacific Time.

What is Super Bowl 43 kick off time?


When is the Super bowl kick off time in Denver?

930 pm

What time is Super Bowl kick off in TX?

5 p.m

What time is Super Bowl Kick in Iowa?

never dumbassiscle its not in Iowa.

What time is kick off for the Super Bowl?

6:29 pm

When is kickoff time for 2009 Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 43 kick off time is officially listed at 6:20 pm Eastern.

What time is kickoff for the 2009 Super Bowl?

The kick off time for Super Bowl 43 is officially listed as 6:20 pm ET.