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Q: What year did the world war 2 take place?
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What year did world war 2 take place?

From 1939 to 1945.

What year did world war take place?

Well firstly two World Wars have taken place so far, World War I and World War II. World War I was from 1914 through to 1919. World War II lasted from 1939 to 1945.

What year did Summer of my German Soldier take place?

during World War II

What year did the Revolutionary War take place?

The Revolutionary War took place in the year of 1776.

How long did the World War I last and during which year did fighting take place?

World war 1 lasted for 4 years (1914-1918).

What year did the second seminole war take place?

the Second Seminole War take place? 1835-1842

What world war did the battle of gallipoli take place?

World war 2

What war did A Farewell to Arms take place?

World War I

Did the cold war take place in World War 2?


When was World War I took place in which year?

World War 1: 1914-1918.

What year did the civil war take place?

The civil war took place from 1861 to 1865.

Who won the Tour De France in 1916?

The race did not take place that year because of World War 1.

What year did the revolutionary war take place in?


Which year did the Gulf War take place?


When will world war 3 take place?

If this is the "Global War on Terrorism", then it is already taking place.

In which war did Pearl Harbor take place?

World War 2

During which war did the Holocaust take place?

World War II

What war is about to take place in the sound of music?

World War II

What year did the Spanish American War take place in?

The Spanish American War took place in 1898.

When do the Olympics take place?

I am pretty sure the Olympics take place every four (4) years. Except for when the World War I and World War II took place. ;) Thanks.

Where did the 100 year war take place?

All of it took place in France.

Where did 7 year war take place?

The 7 year war took place in Europe. Mainly around the area of Poland, and Germany.

When did the growth of dictatorship following World War 1 take place?

after world war 2

What year does the novel A Farewell to Arms take place?

During the First World War sometime between 1914-1918

When did world 2 take place?

World War II TOOK PLACE IN 1939-1945.