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i know 1........Vancouver Canucks and they entered in 1970

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Q: What year did the teams who have never won the Stanley Cup enter the NHL?
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What year did two Americans teams first play in the stanley cup?


What Nhl teams did not make the playoffs the year after winning the Stanley cup?

Carolina Hurricanes

What was the last year Vancouver won the Stanley Cup?

They have never won

What year will the San Jose Sharks win the Stanley cup?


What two teams played in last year's Stanley cup final's?

TB lighting vs chicago blackhawks

Who are the other two teams of team gai's year?

It was never revealed sorry.

How many Stanley Cups has the US won?

Actually the US has not won any Stanley Cups as the trophy is not a national award given to national teams of any country. Many NHL teams based in American cities have won the championship, including this year by the Boston Bruins. For a list of US based teams that have won, simply Google "Stanley Cup Winners" and see those cities for yourself!

What NHL teams have won a Stanley cup but not in a long time'?

The longest Stanley Cup drought belongs to the Toronto Maple Leafs who haven't won since 1967. The next year the St Louis Blues and the LA Kings joined the NHL (never won) with 4 other teams who have since won the Cup (Flyers, Penguins, and the North Stars/Seals eventually merged and won as the Dallas Stars).

Do the dallas stars have a good chance of winning the Stanley cup this year?

you never no they could have good luck all year then they just dont win.

What year did the ny jets play the Denver Broncos in the super bowl?

Never, Both teams are in the afc!

What year did the fl panthers win the Stanley cup only?

They never won it. They played the Colorado Avalanche in 1996 and lost

How many Major League baseball teams have never been to the World Series and what teams are they?

After this year there is only ONE active MLB team that's NEVER appeared in a World Series... That team is The SEATTLE MARINERS (Only team that's never won their Pennant)

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