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The modern summer Olympic Games were first held in Athens, Greece, in 1896.

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Q: What year did the modern summer Olympics start?
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What year were the summer modern Olympics not held?


In what year did the Modern Olympics start?

1896 the first modern Olympics started

What year did the Olympics start?

Around 776 BCThe Ancient Olympics started in 776 BC. Then they stopped and they started the modern summer Olympics in 1896. The winter Olympics started in 1924. Then the youth Olympics (Summer and winter) started in 2010.

What year did the modern Olympics start?


What time of year did the Ancinent Olympics start?


What year did ice hockey start in the Olympics?

It started in 1920 in the summer olympics.

What year did the modern day Olympics start?


What year did the Decathlon start?

In the modern Olympics, 1904.

What year was the first summer Olympics held?

The first summer olympic's of the modern era was held in 1896, the same year as the winter Olympics. It was not until 1992 that they separated the summer and winter Olympics to different years.

On what day of this year did the Olympics start on this year?

Beijing 2008 summer Olympics started august 8 when they lit the torch on the opening ceremony. The next summer Olympics will be London 2012.

What year marks the start of modern Olympics?

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What year did the Olympics start again in modern times?

they started in 1896

What year did hockey start in the Olympics?

It started in 1920 in the summer Olympics then was transferd permanently to the winter games in 1924.

Is it the summer or winter Olympics this year 2011?

The summer and winter Olympics is in 2012, next year.

When were the summer and winter Olympics separated?

1992 was the final year the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics were held in the same year.

Why did the modern Olympics start again?

They started in wall mart in the year 2005

In what year did the Olympics start?

1896, Athens - the first edition of the modern Olympic games

Where was the location of the 2006 summer Olympics?

There were no summer Olympics in 2006, but the winter Olympics held that year were in Turin, Italy.

What year did Jamaica participate in the summer Olympics?

Except for the 1960 Summer Olympics, Jamaica has participated in every Summer Olympics since 1948.

What are the two types of Olympics of these year?

summer and winter Olympics

Summer Olympics is held every what year?

The summer Olympics takes place every leap year/4 years.

When did the summer and winter Olympics event start being held in separate years?

The first summer Olympics were held in 1896. The first winter Olympics began in 1924 concurrently with the summer Olympics. 1992, the IOC held separate Olympics alternating in 2 year spans, i.e. winter Olympics last held in 2006, summer Olympics last held in 2008.

Where is the summer Olympics being held this year?

the 2012 summer Olympics will be held in London, England

Is the summer Olympics held every year?

The summer Olympics is held every four years.

What year was the Summer Olympics held in South Korea?

The 1988 Summer Olympics were held in Seoul.