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The Major League Baseball (MLB) team known as the Houston Astros originated in the MLB National League (NL) in 1962 as the Houston Colt 45's, changing their name to the Houston Astros in 1965.

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Q: What year did the houton astros join the Major League Baseball?
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What Major League baseball team are the Houston Astros affiliated with?

The Houston Astros ARE a Major League Baseball team

What major league baseball team had the most losses in a season?

Huston astros

What are the names of the major league baseball teams in Texas?

Texas Rangers and Houston Astros

Which Major League Baseball teams have changed names?

Yankees, Astros, Expos, Rays

How many American League baseball teams are there?

In 2013, the Houston Astros moved from the National League to the American League, giving each league 15 teams for a total of 30 Major League Baseball clubs.

Who wore number 7 for the Major League Baseball?

Mickey Mantle wore number 7 for the Yankees, the American League Division of the MLB, and Craig Biggio wore number 7 for the Astros, the National League Division of the MLB. (Major League Baseball)

What team's are getting new uniforms in the Major League Baseball for 2013?

Seattle Mariners,Houston Astros

What is Carlos lee's position in Major League Baseball?

Carlos Lee plays both Left Field and First Base. As of the 2012 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, Lee is a member of the Houston Astros.

Who is Jacob Nottingham?

a major league baseball player for the Houston Astros. Drafter in the 6th round of the 2013 draft

What is the name of the stadium where Major League Baseball's Houston Astros play?

The name of the stadium is Minute Maid Field

How many Major League Baseball teams are in the American League?

The 2012 Major League Baseball season will mark the last time that the National League has 16 teams versus 14 for the American League. In 2013, the Houston Astros will move from the National League Central to the American League West, giving each league 15 teams.

What was the first major league baseball stadium to use artificial turf?

The Astrodome, home of the Houston Astros, starting in 1965.

How many major league baseball teams are in Texas?

1. Texas Rangers 2. Houston Astros

How many Major League Baseball teams are there in the NL?

Since the 2013 season, when the Houston Astros moved from the National League to the American league, there have been 15 teams in each circuit.

What are Houston's professional sports teams?

Houston Astros (Major League Baseball)Houston Texans (National Football League)Houston Rockets (National Basketball Association)Houston Dynamo (Major League Soccer)

What was the first domed stadium in major league baseball?

The Astrodome in Houston, Texas that opened in 1965 and was the home field of the Houston Astros.

What was the first indoor stadium in major league baseball?

The Houston Astrodome opened in April, 1965. The Astros called it home from 1965-1999.

Which major league baseball club owns the New Orleans Zephyrs?

Used to be he Astros but I want to say it is now the Nationals. Could be wrong

What does the Major League Baseball stand for?

major league baseball

What is meant by Major League Baseball?

major league baseball

What is the longest Major League Baseball outfield fence?

436 feet to right center field at Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros.

Major league baseball?

Yep, Major League Baseball or MLB.

Is Major League Baseball fake?

No. Major League Baseball is real.

How many baseball teams are there?

Beginning with the 2013 Major League Baseball season, there will be 15 teams in the National League and 15 in the American League. A longtime imbalance between the two leagues is being solved by the transfer of the Houston Astros from the N.L. Central to the A.L. West.

Sports team that start with H?

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a team in the Canadian Football League. The Houston Astros are a Major League Baseball team.