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The Giants started playing Baseball in 1883.

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Q: What year did the giants start playing baseball?
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What year did the giants start playing football?


What year did Miguel Cabrera start play in baseball?

What year did Miguel Cabrera start playing baseball

What year did the New York Jets start playing at giants stadium?

1984. The Jets went 3-5 in games at Giants Stadium that season.

What year did Padres start playing baseball?


What year did Jackie Robinson start playing baseball?

His first year in major league baseball was 1947.

What year did the Pittsburgh Pirates start playing baseball?


What year did Jackie Robinson start playing college baseball?


In what year did the Chicago White Sox start playing baseball?


What year did the St. Louis Cardinals start playing baseball?


What year did Jakie Robinsin start playing baseball?

i have no idea i was trying to find that out myself.

What year did roy halladay start playing baseball?

He made his ML debut in 1999

When did Barry Bonds stop playing baseball?

Barry Bonds' final season was with the San Francisco Giants in 2007, the year he became baseball's all-time home run hitter with 762.

What year did the Giants begin playing in San Francisco?

The Giants and their longtime rivals, the Dodgers, began playing games on the West Coast in 1958.

What year did the Jets start playing their home games in Giants Stadium?

That was 1984. The Jets played at Shea Stadium from 1964-1983 and the Polo Grounds from 1960-1963.

What year did New York Giants start?


What year did the Giants baseball franchise move to San Francisco?

The Giants moved from New York after the 1957 season.

What year did the jets start to play at giants stadium?


When did Mickey Mantle start playing baseball?

Mickey Mantle started playing baseball as a young child in his hometown of Commerce, Oklahoma. As far as the major leagues, Mantle's first year with the New York Yankees was 1951.

Who won the baseball this year?

The San Francisco Giants won this year's (2010) World Series.

What year did the GIANTS baseball team move to San Francisco?


Who won the series last year in baseball?

San Francisco Giants

What year did ian lockhart start playing basketball?

He started playing in the year of 1990

What year did the San Francisco Giants start to play at Candlestick Park?

In 1960.

What year did charley conerly was the marlboro man for commercial?

Charlie Conerly starred as the Marlboro Man after he stopped playing for the Giants. His Giants career ended in 1959.

When did Atlanta Braves start playing baseball in what year?

1869-1871, they were one of the first baseball teams ever and have changed the name of their team several times. They started out as the Boston Red Stockings