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the Atlanta Falcons got Micheal Vick in 2001

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Q: What year did the atlanta falcon get Michael Vick?
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What was Michael Vick's salary?

Michael Vick signed a ten year, $130 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons in December, 2004. With endorsements he made well over $10 million per year.

What year did Michael Vick play for the Miami Dolphins?

Michael Vick never played for the Miami Dolphins. He played for the Atlanta Falcons (2001-2006) and the Philadelphia Eagles (2009-present).

In what year did Michael Vick get drafted by the Atlanta Falcons?

He was drafted in 2001 and was 1st round 1st pick of the draft.

What was the running back for the Atlanta Falcons that had a 1000 yard season the same year as Michael Vick?

warrick dunn

What year did Michael Vick join the Philadelphia Eagles?

Michael Vick joined the Eagles in 2009.

What year did Michael Vick sign with the eagles?

Michael Vick sign with the eagles on August 14

How long was Michael Vick in jail?

Michael Vick was in prison for operating a dog fighting ring for 548 days. This calculates to just over a year and half.

Did Michael Vick get rookie of the year?


What was Michael Vick's year salary in 2001?

A lot

What year did Michael Vick go to jail?

In 2007.

What is Michael Vick's total salary?


What year was Michael Vick drafted to the NFL?


Who is Michael Vick playing for?

He is a free agent. The packers are thinking of signing him Michael Vick has signed a 1 yr. contract, with an option for a second year, with the Philadelphia Eagles.

What was the biggest contract in NFL history?

As far as total dollars go, it was the 10 year, $130 million contract extension that Michael Vick signed with the Atlanta Falcons in December, 2004. That contract was voided when Vick was convicted of running a dogfighting operation in 2007.

What is Michael Vick's net worth?

The estimated net worth of NFL quarterback Michael Vick is $16.5 million. His last contract was worth about $15 million per year.

Who did the Atlanta Falcons trade for Michael Vick?

Vick was drafted by the Falcons in 2001. He's never been traded for anyone. The Falcons got the first pick in the draft that year from San Diego in exchange for their first-round, third round, 2nd in 2002, and WR Tim Dwight.

How much is Michael Vick's contract?

Its a 2 year contract last year was $2 Mill and this year was $5Mill..

What team signed Michael Vick?

Philadelphia Eagles signed him for one year.

What is Michael Vick's salary?

Fox Sports and ESPN reported Vick will earn $1.6 million this season with a team option on the second year for $5.2 million.

Who will pick up Michael Vick next year?

Who ever gets Vick has a better team, with the exception of the saints, colts and vikings, than what they had this year. Mcnabb, even though he allowed Vick to come back into the league which i think is admirable, should have been benched in favor of Vick, especially during the second half of their play-off game.

Will Michael Vick ever play in the NFL again?

Yes, he just signed a one year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles

Who will Michael Vick play for next year?

probably the Philadelphia Eagles, because they said they would franc-ice tag on him.

WHY DID Michael Vick switch teams?

Michael Vick was let go from the NFL after he plead guilty to financing a dog fight ring and being sentenced to 23 months in federal prison. His former team the Atlanta Falcons released him. After serving out his sentence he was reinstated into the national football league by Commissioner Roger S. Goodell and was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles who has since given him a 6 year contract worth 100 million dollars and job as the starting quarterback.

Who ran the forty in the fastest time this year?

deangelo hall former atlanta falcon now with the okland raiders with a 4.15

Who signed Michael Vick?

As far as today Micheal Vick has not signed with anyone as of yet noone really wants to comment until its official I just hope wherever he goes his past isn't held against him hes already paid for his mistake and does not need anymore judgment.Whoever gets him gets a hell of a man and player. Michael Vick is not on Madden 10. He has signed a 1 year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles with an option for a second year