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1918, against the Vancouver Millionaires.

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Q: What year did the Toronto maple leafs win their first hockey game?
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What is a better hockey team the devils or the Toronto maple leafs?

Toronto Maple Leafs

Who is the Toronto hockey eam?

maple leafs.

What is toronto's hockey team name?

Toronto maple leafs

Richest hockey team?

the Toronto maple leafs

First Russian hockey player to play for the Toronto maple leafs?

Alexander Godynyuk

What sport do the Toronto Maple Leafs play?

The Toronto Maple Leafs play ice hockey in the NHL. (National Hockey League)This league is only in North America.

Which team is the worst at hockey in NHL?

Toronto Maple Leafs.

What is torontos hockey team called?

toronto maple leafs

Which is the worst hockey team in the NHL?

Toronto Maple Leafs.

Who was the first Maple Leaf player to score at Maple Leaf Gardens?

What is the top score hockey player on Toronto maple leafs

What type of sport are the Toronto Maple Leafs involved in?

The sport of many teams is hockey and the Toronto area have a hockey team they call Toronto Maple Leafs. The team have activity in Canadian national league.

When did the Toronto Maple Leafs win their first Stanley cup?

They Toronto Maple Leafs first won the Stanley Cup as the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1932.The Toronto Hockey Club had also previously won the Stanley Cup in 1914, the Toronto Arenas won in 1918, and the Toronto St. Patricks won in 1922, all pre-cursors to the Maple Leaf franchise.

What was the name of the Toronto Maple Leafs before they were the Toronto Maple Leafs?

The Toronto Maple Leaf hockey franchise began in the newly-formed National Hockey League (NHL) as the Toronto Arenas (1917-1919). It became the Toronto St. Patricks from 1919 to 1926. Conn Smythe purchased the franchise and renamed it the Toronto Maple Leafs, which it has been since 1927.

Which hockey team makes the most money?

Toronto maple leafs

What is the worst NHL hockey team to exist?

Toronto Maple Leafs

What is Justin Bieber's favourite hockey team?

Toronto maple leafs

What was Justin biebers fav hockey team?

Toronto Maple Leafs:)

What is Justin Bieber's favurite team in hockey?

Toronto Maple Leafs

What hockey team does Justin Bieber like?

Toronto Maple Leafs

What is the most popular hockey team in the world?

Toronto maple leafs

Who is the best Canadian ice hockey team?

Toronto Maple Leafs

What is jb favorite hockey team?

I think his favorite hockey team is the toronto Maple Leafs

Why is the spelling of the hockey team The Toronto Maple Leafs unusual?

The standard plural of leaf is leaves, not leafs.

Who is Tie Domi?

he played hockey with mat sundin on the Toronto maple leafs

What NHL hockey team got in a fight with fans?

The Toronto maple leafs