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Q: What year did the Pittsburgh Steelers enter the NFL?
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What is your favorite team sport?

Pittsburgh Steelers. NFL football.

Did Dennis Dixon of Oregon enter the NFL draft?

He was drafted in the 5th Round by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What city were the Pittsburgh Steelers in when they joined the NFL?

The Steelers have always been in Pittsburgh

Who has the hardest schedule in the NFL?

I think the Pittsburgh Steelers have the toughest schedule this year.

Who are the most penalized nfl teams so far this year 2010?

Pittsburgh steelers

Who has won more games in the history of the NFL the Philadelphia Eagles or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

In head to head NFL matchups who has won more the Miami Dolphins or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

How many Lombardi Trophies do the Pittsburgh Steelers have?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have an NFL record six Lombardi Trophies.

How can you be on the Pittsburgh Steelers team?

You have to be drafted by the NFL.

What NFL team is nicknamed?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Who has the most wins in the NFL?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

Where can one purchase Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys?

One can purchase Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys when one goes to NFL shops. The shops have NFL team jerseys with logo and design of Pittsburgh Steelers on them. Price starts from $100.