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Q: What year did the Pittsburgh Steelers consecutive sell outs begin?
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What year did the Pittsburgh Steelers have 7 shut outs and who did they play in that Super Bowl?

The Steelers never had seven shutouts during the season. In 1976, they had five shutouts and lost to the Oakland Raiders in the AFC championship game.

What NFL team holds the record for most shut outs in a 16 game season?

The answer is... 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers' "modern-era" record of five shutouts.

How many times has the Pittsburgh Steelers defense outscored the opponent's entire team in an NFL game?

Well they have had a lot of shut-outs, so they might have in many of those times.

What is the record for most consecutive outs for a pitcher in the mlb the longest perfict streak?

45 consecutive outs by Mark Buehrle in 2009

Can you call consecutive time outs in high school football?

No, you can not call consecutive time outs in high school football. Football rules do not allow teams to call consecutive time outs with a play happening in the middle of the play and unused time outs in the first half of the game do not carry over to the other half.

What MLB team has had the most consecutive sell outs?

philadelphia phillies this year (2010) with 130 consecutive or 132

What is the most consecutive shut outs by a team in mlb?


What college football teams have consecutive sell outs?

1. Nebraska with 289 consecutive sellouts through the 2007 season.

What major league pitcher holds the record for most consecutive outs?

Mark Buehrly, 45 outs.

What is the record for consecutive sell outs in Major league baseball?


What team has longest consecutive sell outs?

The Boston red sox.

How many consecutive sell outs at fenway park?


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