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about 1950's to 1960's

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Q: What year did the Philadelphia warriors become the 76ers?
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What year did Earl Lloyd play for the 76ers?

Earl was drafted in 1950 and player for the 76ers in 1963 was when he moved to Philadelphia to play for the 76ers.

What year did joe Bryant play for the Philadelphia 76ers?

In 1946

What year did philadelphia 76ers win the nba championship?


Which basketball team is named after the declaration of independent?

The Philadelphia '76ers. Named for the year 1776.

Which nba star won rookie of the year in 1997?

Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers won Rookie of the year, in 1997.

Who won the first Sixth Man of the Year Award?

1982-1983 Bobby Jones Philadelphia 76ers

What year did Magic Johnson win his first NBA Championship?

79-80 against the philadelphia 76ers

In what year did the philadelphia warriors win the NBA championship?


What basketball team did Chamberlain play for?

Wilt played for several teams. He played for Overbrook High in Philadelphia The University of Kansas in college The Harlem Globetrotters for 1 year. The San Francisco Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA and briefly for the San Diego Conquistadors of the ABA before retiring in 1974

Which nba team has had the most scoring champions?

The Warriors with 13, but they moved to different cities while setting the record. Jordan with the Bulls won 10 in Chicago. year player team games points avg 1946-47 Joe Fulks Philadelphia Warriors 60 1389 23.2 1951-52 Paul Arizin Philadelphia Warriors 66 1674 25.4 1952-53 Neil Johnston Philadelphia Warriors 70 1564 22.3 1953-54 Neil Johnston Philadelphia Warriors 72 1759 24.4 1954-55 Neil Johnston Philadelphia Warriors 72 1631 22.7 1956-57 Paul Arizin Philadelphia Warriors 71 1817 25.6 1959-60 Wilt Chamberlain Philadelphia Warriors 72 2707 37.6 1960-61 Wilt Chamberlain Philadelphia Warriors 79 3033 38.4 1961-62 Wilt Chamberlain Philadelphia Warriors 80 4029 50.4 1962-63 Wilt Chamberlain San Francisco Warriors 80 3586 44.8 1963-64 Wilt Chamberlain San Francisco Warriors 80 2948 36.9 1964-65 Wilt Chamberlain SF Warriors/Phil 76ers 73 2534 34.7 1966-67 Rick Barry San Francisco Warriors 78 2775 35.6

What year did Allen Iverson join the nuggets?

On December 19, 2006, Allen Iverson was sent to the Denver nuggets by a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Is Allen Iverson on nba 2k11?

Yes, he is in 2k11. Locate him in the free agency pool. He is placed there because of a 1-year deal with Philadelphia 76ers

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