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And yes, the Derby has always been held at Churchill Downs.

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Q: What year did the Kentucky Derby begin?
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What horse won the Kentucky Derby in 1801?

The Kentucky Derby did not begin until 1875.

What was the horses name that won the Kentucky Derby in 1864?

The Kentucky Derby didn't begin until 1875.

In which year did the Kentucky Derby happen?

Kentucky Derby first started in 1875.

When did Sea biscuit win the derby and the year?

Seabiscuit never raced in the Kentucky Derby. In the year that he was a three year old, in 1936, Bold Venture won the Kentucky Derby.

What is the date of this year's Kentucky Derby?

May 1st is the date of the running of the 136th Kentucky Derby this year, 2010.

Why would this year states 136 year of Kentucky Derby?

The 2014 Kentucky Derby was the 140th running of the race.

What year was the 122nd Kentucky Derby run?

The 122nd Kentucky Derby was run in 1996 and won by Grindstone.

What year did Winning Colors win the Kentucky Derby?

Winning Colors won the Kentucky Derby in 1988.

In what year did a woman first enter a horse in the Kentucky Derby?

The first year that a woman entered a horse in the Kentucky Derby was 1904. Her name was Laska Durnell. Her horse, Elwood, won the Derby that year.

Where in America is the Derby run?

For horses, the Derby in America, known as the Kentucky Derby, is run in Louisville, Kentucky, on the first Saturday in May every year.

Who won the 2010 Kentucky Derby held in Louisville Kentucky May first?

Super Saver won this year's Kentucky Derby on a sloppy track.

Who won the Kentucky Derby this year 2010?

SUPER SAVER won the 2010 Kentucky Derby with Calvin Borel up

What is the date of the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is run the first Saturday in May. Actual dates vary according to year.

What is the name of sister race of Kentucky Derby?

The "sister race" for the Kentucky Derby is the Kentucky Oaks. The Oaks is a mile-and-an-eighth race is for 3-year-old fillies. It is held the Friday before the Derby.

What year did seabiscuit win the Kentucky Derby?

Seabiscuit never ran in the Derby.

What are some special events that begin with the letter K?

Kentucky Derby

What big event happened in the year of 1990 in Kentucky?

It was the first year of the Kentucky Derby Festival.

Who owns the Kentucky Derby?

no one "owns" the Kentucky Derby. its a race held every year for the best 20 three year old thoroughbreds in the nation. no one "owns" the Kentucky Derby. its a race held every year for the best 20 three year old thoroughbreds in the nation.

What year did the first black jockey win the Kentucky Derby?

1875, when Oliver Lewis won the first ever Kentucky Derby.

How far is ketucky from the derby race?

The Kentucky Derby is held each year in Louisville, Kentucky at Churhill Downs race track.

Who won the 1943 Kentucky Derby?

Count Fleet won the 1943 Kentucky Derby, then went on to win the Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes and Preakness) and was named Horse of the Year.

What year did horse racing begin in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Derby is one of the USA's oldest thoroughbred horse races (the Travers Stakes being the oldest, first ran in 1864). The horse racing in Kentucky began in 1875.

What year was the first Kentucky Derby?


Who will win the Kentucky Derby this year?


Is the Kentucky Derby in Louisville?

The Kentucky Derby is a Grade I stakes race for three-year-old Thoroughbred horses, held annually in Louisville, Kentucky, United States on the first Saturday in May, capping the two-week-long Kentucky Derby Festival.