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The Kansas City Royals were established in 1969.

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Q: What year did the Kansas City Royals come into being?
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Where did the Kansas City royals come from?

The Kansas City Royals were one of two expansion franchises to join the American League during the 1969 season. The other was the Seattle Pilots, who relocated after one year and became the Milwaukee Brewers.

What mlb teams have come back after being down 3-1 in the world series and win it on the road?

The Kansas City Royals did it in 1985 against the St. Louis Cardinals.

How do teams like the Kansas City Royals stay in business?

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What is the odds of winning the World Series after losing 3 to 0?

The longest odds you can imagine. It has never happened in a best-of-seven World Series, although five teams -- the 1925 Pittsburgh Pirates, the 1958 New York Yankees, the 1968 Detroit Tigers, the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates and the 1985 Kansas City Royals -- have come back to win after being down 3 to 1.

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Which MLB teams have come back after being down 3-1 in a playoff to win the series?

Four Major League Baseball teams have won the World Series after being down 3 games to 1 after the first four games: the 1925 Pittsburgh Pirates (defeating the Washington Senators), the 1958 New York Yankees (defeating the Milwaukee Braves), the 1968 Detroit Tigers (defeating the St. Louis Cardinals), and the 1985 Kansas City Royals (defeating the St. Louis Cardinals).

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Kansas City?

Right in the heart of the nation, Kansas City, Missouri, is a beautiful place to visit. From a world-class football team, to the entertainment district, to the nightlife, you will be hard-pressed to run out of things to do. This is one of the most budget-friendly family vacation spots in the heartland. With many of the hotels having rooms available for less than $50 dollars per night, you will be able to visit more of Kansas City's sites. During the spring and summer, be sure to buy tickets to watch the Kansas City Royals play baseball in Kauffman Stadium. The Royals are celebrating their 40th anniversary playing in Kansas City. At the beginning of fall, the Kansas City Chiefs come into town. The chiefs play at Arrowhead Stadium. They were formed in 1967 and draw in more than twelve million fans a year. The Nielsen-Atkins Museum of Art is a must-see when visiting Kansas City. There are also many theatres all across Kansas City. One of the best is the American Heartland Theatre. The theatre is recognized as one of Kansas City's historic cornerstones, located in the Crown Center. Every year, their directors tour the country trying to find some of the best and most popular plays to show. The theatre is sure to give you a full evening of entertainment. There is also plenty of live entertainment to be found all across the city. With jazz musicians frequently visiting the city, the musical stages of Kansas City are rarely dark. There are many free concert options whether indoors or out. You will find Vegas-style casinos with wonderful food and national entertainers. With four full-gaming casinos, you are sure to find the poker table or even a loose slot machine for a little gambling fun. Along with the casinos, there are hundreds of late night establishments that are sure to keep you entertained all night long. Located in the heart of the Depression-era nightclub district, The Mutual Musician's Foundation is a jazz establishment open until 5:30 a.m. No matter what you are looking for in a vacation you are sure to find it right in the middle of this great city. From sports to casinos to live entertainment, you will never be short of great entertainment in Kansas City, Missouri.

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