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Q: What year did the Dallas Mavs start playing basketball?
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Who would win on basketball Dallas or Miami Heat?

In my opinion, I think that the Dallas Mavs will win.

What is the dallas mavericks nickname?

The Mavs

What team does Jason kidd plays for?

Dallas Mavs

What team won the 2011 playoffs NBA?

The Dallas Mavs,They Faced Miami Heat.

Is Michelle mozek still with the dallas mavs dancers?

She is an old employee of mine. She was a DCC last year in 2007. Now she is a Mavs dancer for the 2008-2009 season

Was Ross Perot owner of Dallas mavs?

Yes, Henry Ross Perot, Jr. was the owner of the Mavericks.

What channel dallas mavericks play on tonight?

Either ABC or TNT... hope it helps... Go Mavs

Who owns Dallas mavricks?

Mark Cuban is the owner of the Mavs. Rick Carlisle is they're head coach.

How long has Jason kidd been with dallas?

He's been on the Mavs two years consecutively but 6 total

Who is the head coach for dallas mavericks?

Rick Carlisle has served as the Mavs' head coach since the 2008-2009 season.

What was the first Dallas mavericks stadium called?

The American Airlines Center. Actually that is incorrect. The home of the Dallas Mavericks was at Reunion Arena in Dallas. They were there from 1980-2001 as were the Dallas Stars from 1993-2001. Due to a WCT Tennis Tournament the Mavs were forced to play Game 5 of their first ever playoff series at the Moody Coliseum against the Seattle Supersonics. But then after 2001 when the American Airlines was built it is now the home of the Mavs and Stars.

How long has Steve Nash been on the Dallas Mavericks?

Answer5 years. But you know he's no longer there. Did you mean how long was he with the Mavs. He's with foenix now, since 2004. He signed with Dallas in 1998.

Who is going to win the MAvs or Portland?

The Mavs, or if Portland wins, then they get blown out in the next round.

Who was the last team to win a nba championship?

That team was the Dallas Mavericks. They played the Miami Heat and the mavericks won 4-2. I hate the Dallas Mavs. But htey got my team even. (Miami Heat)

Are the mavs good?


What actors and actresses appeared in The Mystery Mavs - 2005?

The cast of The Mystery Mavs - 2005 includes: Kirsten Milliken Tanya Valentine

Why MAVs are necessary?

because of its survillance, militiary uses

Why did the mavs fire Avery Johnson?

He didn't win in the playoffs.

What teams did Jason kidd play for?

suns nets mavs

Is mavs game televised on abc tonight yes or no?


What font did the mavs of nba use as their team name?


What teams are playing in the playoffs?

Sixers, Mavs, Magic, Celtics, Lakers, Cavaliers, Nuggets, Rockets, Hornets, Heat, Hawks, Spurs, Bulls, Blazers, Jazz, and Pistons.

Did Maun Ginobili play for the mavs?

The better question is who is Maun Ginobili?

What team defeated the Mavs in the 2006 NBA Finals?

Miami Heat

Who did the Miami Heat play in the championship in 2006 season?

They played the Mavs.