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the franchise moved to Baltimore from st. Louis in 1954,they were the browns

The Baltimore Orioles started their baseball in life in 1901 as the Milwaukee Brewers. They moved to St. Louis in 1902 and played there as the Browns until 1953. In 1954 they moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles.

There have been four separate iterations of the Baltimore Orioles.The original Baltimore Orioles were one of the first National League teams, founded in the 1870s. They were a very good team, with such great players as John McGraw and Wee Willie Keeler, and are remembered for two things: first, they had a reputation as very rough, dirty players, and second, they were innovative; they're generally credited with inventing the bunt and the hit-and-run play, as well as the old "Baltimore chop", where a hitter with speed but no power swings down at the ball, hoping to make it hit the ground in front of the plate and bounce high enough that he can make it to first base before it comes down. (This was the only way I could get on base in high school. ;) The original Orioles dissolved when the National League had money troubles and contracted from twelve teams to eight in the 1890s.The second Baltimore Orioles were founded in 1901 as one of the charter members of the American League. (There was no connection to Milwaukee, as incorrectly stated above.) The second Orioles featured several of the stars of the first team, and were managed by John McGraw. But McGraw jumped ship to the National League and became manager of the New York Giants. He took most of his good players with him, so the Orioles were pretty bad for a while. In 1903 the president of the American League moved the Orioles to New York, where they were renamed the New Yotk Highlanders, and they still play there as the New York Yankees.The third Baltimore Orioles were a Class D minor league team, probably the best minor league team ever, founded by Jack Dunn around 1910. Dunn's Orioles were a juggernaut, always winning the minor-league championship, and producing such major league stars as Babe Ruth and Lefty Grove. They faded away when the minor league teams all got swallowed up into the major league farm system, a movement started by Cardinals manager Branch Rickey in the thirties.In the early fifties, when Bill Veeck was the owner of the hapless St. Louis Browns, the only original AL team that never won the Series, he decided to revitalize the team by selling its ballpark to the Cardinals and leaving town. He lost financial control of the team before he could actually do it, but it happened anyway, and in 1954 the Browns moved to Maryland and became the Baltimore Orioles (Mark IV.)

Are you sure there was no connection to the 1901 Milwaukee Brewers? I am pretty sure that they both existed and became the 1902 St Louis Browns.

Actually, both answers are correct. The 1901-02 Baltimore Orioles did not have a connection to Milwaukee or the St. Louis Browns. However, that franchise was basically dissolved after the 1902 season and a new American League team placed in New York (the Highlanders, who would eventually evolve into the Yankees).

The Milwaukee Brewers were a charter franchise in the American League in 1901 that moved to St. Louis and became the Browns in 1902. Then in 1954, the franchise was moved to Baltimore and renamed the Orioles.

So, yes, the current Orioles do indeed have a connection to the lost, but apparently not forgotten, 1901 Milwaukee Brewers.

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Q: What year did the Baltimore Orioles start to play?
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The Orioles started playing in Baltimore in 1954 at Memorial Stadium.

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1988 ... the Orioles lost an MLB record 21 consecutive games to start the season.

Does Baltimore MD have a contract with the Orioles?

There is a 30 year lease to the Orioles, set to expire in 2022

Did Babe Ruth play on the Orioles?

Not at the Major League level. Babe Ruth began to play semiprofessional ball in Pennsylvania and was signed by the Baltimore Orioles (International League) in 1914. That same year he was sold as a pitcher to the Boston Red Sox of the American League. The Baltimore Orioles franchise started as the Milwaukee Brewers (1894-1901) moved to St. Louis in 1902, and became the St. Louis Browns (1902-1953) then became the Baltimore Orioles in 1954. The franchise has no relation to the Baltimore Orioles of the International League that the Babe played with.

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1954 and 1988

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History of the Baltimore Orioles: Originally named for one year (1901) the Milwaukee Brewers, located in Milwaukee, WI. Then moved to St. Louis, MO, named the St. Louis Browns, remained in St. Louis for 52 years (1902-1954). Eventually moved to Baltimore, MD and named Baltimore Orioles, 1954 to present. Nicknames of the Baltimore Orioles: O's and Birds

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