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Q: What team is Gary sheffield most known for playing for?
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What are facts about the number 11?

The most famouse basball player to wear the number 11 is Gary Sheffield.

What musical instruments did Gary Windo play?

Gary Windo is most known for playing the jazz tenor saxophone. However, it is claimed that Gary Windo could play any wind instrument that contained a reed.

Who has the most career home runs for the mets?

Carlos Delgado has the most, but if garrey sheffield was still playing for them he would

Who wore jersey number eleven for the new York Yankees?

In recent years, Gary Sheffield and Doug Mientkiewicz would be two names that is most remembered

Is sheffield in the north?

Sheffield is in South Yorkshire which most people consider to be in the North.

Which sheffield football team has played the most top flight games?

Sheffield United have played the most top flight games than sheffield Wednesday but Sheffield Wednesday has not be in the premier league for quite a while... did you know more than 70% of sheffield Wednesday's big game are in the Fa cup

Which Detroit Tiger has hit the most home runs this season?

For the 2007 season through the games of September 3, Maggio Ordonez has 26 home runs and Gary Sheffield has 24.

Who has won most sheffield derbies Wednesday or united?

sheffield united have won 44 sheffield Wednesday have won 39 and 38 games have been drawn

Who was the other dutchman playing for sheff weds with blinker?

You are most likely thinking of Orlando Trustfull, who played alongside Regi Blinker at Sheffield Wednesday.

Barbara Babcock ever married?

Yes, actress Barbara Babcock was married to Jay Sheffield from 1962 to 1968. One of Barbara's most well-known roles was playing the part of Grace Gardner in the television series, Hill Street Blues.

What is the organ most well known for?

It is most well-known for playing music in Catholic churches and Catherdrals

Who is the most oldrst football club?

Sheffield FC

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