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Swimming has been part of the Modern Olympics since they began in 1896. There were four events in 1896, the 100 meter freestyle, 500 meter freestyle, 1200 meter freestyle, and Sailors 100 meter freestyle (this event was open only to sailors in the Greek Royal Navy).

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Q: What year did swimming become an event for the Olympics?
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What year did womens swimming become an event for the Olympics?


What year did women's swimming become an olympic event?

Women first started swimming in the Olympics in 1912.

Who is the Olympics?

Olympics is not a person , it is an event held every 2 years in different countries in Olympics there are games like for winter there is skiing, skating , snowboarding and summer is swimming, gymnastics also one year its summer and the year after the year after that its in winter

What year did synchronized swimming miss the Olympics?

it miss the Olympics in 1990

What year did women's bobsledding become an official event?

Women's bobsledding became an official event in 2002. The men's bobsledding event was started officially in the 1932 Olympics.

What year did swimming become an olympic sport?

Swimming became an Olympic sport in the 1896 Summer Olympics. It was hosted in Athens, Greece, and 241 athletes took part in the games.

What year did synchronized swimming start in the Olympics?

It started in 1964

What year did Michael Phelps start swimming in the olympics?


Who won the swimming this year?

Michael Phelps won the olympics this year... /sarcasm.

How old do you have to be enter the swimming Olympics?

You are supposed to be 15 if you are turning 16 the year of the Olympics you are eligible

What year did the 100m dash become an event for the Olympics?

I could be wrong, but I think 1896, the fastest time was 13.0 seconds.

Which year was swimming included in the Olympics?

Swimming was first included in the Olympics in 1896, but has only been open to women since 1912. Hope this helps.

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