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The eighth overall pick in 1993.

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Q: What year did saints draft willie roaf?
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How long has Archie Manning lived in New Orleans?

He moved to New Orleans in 1971 after the Saints selected him in the first round of the NFL Draft that year.

How many draft picks do the Jaguars have in the 2011 draft?

Jaguars have 10 picks in the 2011 draft. They have 6 original picks (traded a pick for Smiley) but then they got two 7th rounders (Reggie Nelson and Anthony Smith) a 5th rounder (Quentin Groves) and the Saints did a draft day trade last year which got the Jags their 2011 4th round pick. That equals the Jaguars to 10 picks this year in the draft.

Who did Jack Del Rio play for?

He played his college ball at USC and was a 3rd round draft choice of the New Orleans Saints in the 1985 NFL draft. He played for the Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins in a 12 year NFL career between 1985-1996.

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saints in 1979

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