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There is no specific date

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Q: What year did sailing become an sport?
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How did sailing become an Olympics sport?

sailing isn't an olympic sport its a regular stupid sport like football

What year did sailing become an official sport at the Olympics?

Sailing became an official sport at the Olympics in the 1900 summer Olympics in Paris, France. It was going to be introduced in 1896, but the wind was not strong enough. It was not an event in 1904, but every Olympics since then sailing has been included.

What year did boating become an official sport in the Olympics?

Sailing first introduced as an Olympic sport in the 1900 Paris Games, however sailing wasn't included in the 1904 St. Louis Games but was reinstated by London for the 1908 games.

What is the basic outline of the sport of sailing?

As with any other sport, if it is competitive sailing then to beat your opponents, in pleasure sailing then to enjoy yourself

What water sport combines sailing and surfing?

The sport of windsurfing combines both sailing and surfing.

What sport is involved in America's Cup?

The sport of sailing.

In which sport might you find a dagger and a trapeze?


Is sailing a professional sport?


Is sailing a extreme sport?

Yes it is.

Is sailing a sport or a hobby?

Yes. Sailing could be seen as both. Yes it depends what part of sailing you do, if you take it competitively and race then it can be a sport (as it is in the olympics) or if you just cruise then it can be seen as a sport but it is more of an activity :)

What is the sport of the America's Cup?

The America's Cup is associated with the sport of sailing.

Is sailing a sport in the summer Olympics?


In which sport do competitions travel on a skeleton?


What year did athletics become an olympic sport?


What year did basketball become an american sport?


How did sailing became famous?

how did sailing become famous

What year did boxing become a legal sport?

it became a sport 2 days ago

What is the popular sport in Australia?

Sailing is definitely one of them.

In which sport do countries compete for the American cup?


What is Ryan O'Neal favorite sport?

football and sailing.

In what sport do people complete for America's cup?

It is sailing.

What year did Olympic boxing become a Olympic sport?


In which year did boxing become a legal sport?

688 b.c

In what year did boxing become a legal sport in the US?


What year did Men's soccer become an Olympic sport?