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1954 AND 1985

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Q: What year did rpi hockey win a ncaa championship?
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What does RPI stand for in college basketball?

Ratings Percentage IndexThe Rating Percentage Index (RPI) has been used by the NCAA since 1981 to supplement the selection of at-large teams and the seeding of all teams for the NCAA basketball tournament.Ratings percentage index

What does RPI stand for in college lacrosse?

Ratings Percentage Index The Rating Percentage Index (RPI) has been used by the NCAA since 1981 to supplement the selection of at-large teams and the seeding of all teams for the NCAA tournament. Ratings percentage index

How many division 1 men's soccer teams?

I think it is 202 as that is how many teams are on the 2008 NCAA Men's Soccer RPI list.

Where is RPI located?

RPI is located in the state of New York.

How is the RPI calculated in college basketball?

how is the rpi calculated in college basketball.

What are rpi's in college basketball?

I have a question, not answer. What does the rpi's in college basketball mean?

How many NCAA Division 1 Volleyball Programs are there?

I'm going to say 329 as of 28 Nov 2008 since that's how many are listed in the NCAA RPI (power index) at: .

What conference has the highest rpi rating in NCAA men's basketball?

As of Today, Sunday, the Mountain West Conference is the hardest MWC, followed by the Big Ten.

Is Houston baptist an ncaa division 1 basketball school?

Yes. Houston Baptist is in a transition period to become a full Division 1 member, but the answer is yes. They are an RPI counter this year, and the Huskies are in their 2nd year transitioning back to NCAA Division 1. This transition period will be either 3 years (end after 2009-2010) or 7 years (2013-2014) pending an HBU lawsuit against the NCAA for trying to change to terms of the agreement when Houston Baptist was reinstated.

Are strength of schedule and rpi basically the same thing?

A team's Strength of Schedual is determined on a ranking of the caliber of opponents they will face that season. For example, UCONN had the #1 SOS for the 2011-12 season, as they were NCAA Champions in the 2010-2011 season. This can be basically set up pre-season. A team's RPI (Rating Percentage Index) is largly used when March Madness is beginning. The committee who sets up the seeding will look at each team's RPI to determine their seed. The RPI includes Quality Wins, the strength of their conference, and basically the strength of their schedual. So in a way, they are similar, but SOS is involved in the RPI calculations.

What is the rpi of 1 college team and 25 college team in basketball now?

High RPI is better

How can a college basketball team be eligible for the NCAA Tournament?

1.) They can automatically qualify by winning their conference tournament title or, in the case of the conferences that don't have conference touraments such as the Ivy League, they can qualify by winning their conference's regular season title. 2.) By having a high enough RPI to get one of the 33 at-large bids. The RPI considers the team's record and their performance against quality (or not-so-quality) opponents. 3.) By not getting caught violating the NCAA rules.

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