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Q: What year did randy moss play for vikings?
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What year did Randy Moss play football in?

Randy Moss's first year in the NFL was 1998

What year was randy moss drafted?

Randy Moss did not play for the Redskins. He played for Minnesota Vikings (1998-2004), Oakland Raiders (2005-2006) and New England Patriots (2007-present).

In what year did randy moss start playing football?

Randy Moss's first year in the NFL was 1998

What year was Randy Moss born?

Randy Moss was born on February 13, 1977

Did Randy Moss and Jerry Rice play on the same year?

They played in the same years for 6 years.

What year did randy moss sign with New England?

A year

Was randy moss rookie of the year?

He was the Offensive rockie of the year.

What year did randy moss graduate from Marshall?


Randy Moss playing for colts?

NO HES GOING TO GREENBAY OR STAYING IN NEWENGLAND He will be in New England and stay there until he leaves on his own terms. Currently, he has a 3 year contract with the team. Moss presently plays for the Minnesota Vikings after a trade from the Patriots.

How long did randy moss play football?

Randy Moss has played 11 seasons in the NFL. 2009 will mark his 12th season in the NFL.

How many nfl players have been with 3 or more teams within the same year?

Randy Moss was a member of the New England Patriots, the Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans during the 2010 season.

In what year did Randy Moss win the Paul Warfield trophy?