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Q: What year did michael Vick sign with nike?
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What year did Michael Vick go to playoff?

He was drafted in 2001 and was 1st round 1st pick of the draft.

Did Michael Vick get rookie of the year?


What is Michael Vick's total salary?


What was Michael Vick's year salary in 2001?

A lot

What year did the atlanta falcon get Michael Vick?

the atlanta falcons got Micheal Vick in 2001

What was Michael Vick's salary?

Michael Vick signed a ten year, $130 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons in December, 2004. With endorsements he made well over $10 million per year.

What team signed Michael Vick?

Philadelphia Eagles signed him for one year.

How much did Eric koston get to sign with Nike?

He got 500,000 a year approx of nike

What year did Michael Vick play for the Miami Dolphins?

Michael Vick never played for the Miami Dolphins. He played for the Atlanta Falcons (2001-2006) and the Philadelphia Eagles (2009-present).

How much is Michael Vick's contract?

Its a 2 year contract last year was $2 Mill and this year was $5Mill..

Who did Blake griffin sign his shoe deal with?

NIKE $400,000/per year

What was the running back for the Atlanta Falcons that had a 1000 yard season the same year as Michael Vick?

warrick dunn