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Manchester United got relegated a number of times throughout the club's history, and spent a total of 22 seasons outside the top division since the English league was formed in 1892. They never fell below the second tier. United were relegated for the first time (as Newton Heath LYR FC) in 1894/5 and returned to the top division in 1905/6 (as Manchester United FC). They were then relegated again in 1921/2 and returned in 1924/5. Relegated in 1930/1 and returned in 1935/6 only to be relegated again the season after that (1937/6). United then returned immediately to the top division and remained there throughout Sir Matt Busby's years at the club (1946-1970). United were relegated again shortly after Busby's retirement, in the 1973/4 season. In their season in the second division United set numerous records including crowd attendance records and scoring records, and were champions of the second division. They returned to the top flight for the 1975/6 season and have been in the top flight since.

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Q: What year did manchaster united get relegated?
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