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1999-2000 because they were playing in the FIFA Club World Championship.

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Q: What year did man utd not enter the fa cup?
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Has man utd won the world cup?


Who won the FA Cup most times Chelsea or man utd?

Man Utd with 11 wins. Man Utd holds the record for the most FA Cups, 11 cups.

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What year did the goaly score a goal for man united?

Peter Schmeichel scored for Man Utd in a uefa Cup tie against Galatasaray in 1995.

Which was the Last british team to win the uefa cup winners cup?

Man Utd

What has man utd won in season 0910?

Carling Cup so far. Man Utd beat Aston Villa 2-1 :)

Who will play in Carling cup final?

man utd and Aston villa

What was the 1st trophy alex Ferguson at man utd?

FA cup

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How many goals has ronaldo scored in the fa cup this season 20072008?

Ronaldo scored 5 Man utd 2-1 sporing lisbon Man utd 6-0 Newcastle Man utd 2-0 Bolton Man Utd 2-0 Portsmouth Sunderland 0-4 Man Utd

Whats 5 managers currently in premiership won the FA cup as players?

Steve Bruce (Wigan manager Man Utd FA Cup) Mark Hughes ( Blackburn Manager Man Utd and Chelsea FA Cup) Roy Keane (Sunderland Manager Man Utd FA Cup) Kevin Kegan (Newcastle United Manager Liverpool FA Cup) Tony Adams (Portsmouth Assistant Manager Arsenal FA Cup)

Who won 1995 fa cup final?

Everton (against Man Utd)