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Q: What year did University of Tennesse start playing football?
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What year did the university of Alabama start playing football?

The University of Alabama's first season of interscholastic football was 1892.

When did Kansas University start playing football?

Kansas University's first football game was played on November 22, 1890 against Baker University. Baker won 22-9.

When does the KU Football season start?

The 2013 Kansas University Football season starts on September the 7th 2013. The Kandsas Jayhawks are playing South Dakoata University in Lawrence Kansas.

When did the world start playing football?

When did the world start playing football I think that the world started playing football in the Tutor times they used a inflated pigs stomach.

What year did auburn start playing football?

Auburn started playing football in 1892.

How did Jamie Foxxs career start?

When He Got A Scolarship In Hiqh School To United States International University And He Was Playing Football

What year did colleges start playing football?

Colleges started playing football in 1869. The first game was between Rutgers College (now Rutgers University) and the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) and took place on November 6, 1869.

Where did the KKK first start at?

Pulaski, Tennesse.

When did John Madden start playing football?

He started playing American football in 1958 for the eagles.

Why did ronaldo start playing football?

she was cool

When did Peyton Manning start playing football?

Peyton Manning started playing football when he was in High School.

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When did Leon Davis start playing football?

He started playing footy in 1999.

When did dr death Steve Williams start playing football?

Steve Williams played Division 1 college football at Oklahoma University from 1977-1981. Before that he had played in High School. He never played professional football.

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When did David Beckham start playing football?

age 3

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because he liked it