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Tara Lipinski started to roller skate in1985 and started to ice skate in1988

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Q: What year did Tara Lipinski start skating?
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12 years ago today 15 year old Tara Lipinski won gold in what Winter Olympics event?

Figure Skating.

What year did Cindy klassen start speed skating?

She started skating in 1998.

What year did tessa virtue start skating?

They started skating in 1994. And began skating with Scott Moir in 1997

Who won the 1996 winter olympic medal for women's figure skating?

There was no Winter Olympics in 1996 ... that year the Summer Games were held in Atlanta, USA. Ladies Singles gold medalist at the 1994 Winter Games was Oksana Baiul of Ukraine and at the 1998 Winter Games was Tara Lipinski of the United States.

What season does ice skating start in?

It's year-round, as long as the ice rink is indoors.

What sport did Tara Lipinski compete in?

She was a figure skater. She won a Gold Medal at the 1998 Olympics at just age 15, and holds the record for the youngest woman to ever win an individual event. (A 14-year-old Russian skater became the youngest in a team event in 2014). Lipinski narrowly defeated Michelle Kwan, also of the US, who won the silver in Nagano in 1998.

Who is the skating champion in Australia this year?


About how many Ice Skating Accidents happen every year?

0 people die from Ice Skating each year.

When did Joannie Rochette start competing?

Joannie Rochette started skating when she was 6 years old, and she started competing in the year of 2000.

What year was figure skating invented?


What was the first year of ice skating?


What year was figure skating created?

Forms of figure skating date back to prehistoric times. Figure skating competitions began in the 9th century.

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