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1998 was the year they started playing.

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Q: What year did Tampa Bay Devil Rays become a team?
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What team entered the major league in 1998?

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

What team turned into Tampa Bay rays?

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays became the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008.

When did the Tampa Bay rays become a team?

The Tampa Bay Rays team was created in 2008 (the year they won the pennant), however the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have been around since March 31, 1998. They have played at Tropicana Field in Saint Petersburg, Florida since the creation of the Devil Rays.

What is the baseball home team for Tampa Bay?

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Why are the Tampa Bay Rays called the Tampa Bay Rays?

It is their name because every team has to have a name. It was shortened to The Rays from the Devil Rays because the Devil Rays really were not at all winning games.

Most unpopular MLB team?

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Who is the Tampa Bay Rays?

The rays are Tampa, Fl baseball team. They used to be called the Devil Rays, but got there named changed about 5 or so years ago.

When did the rays become a baseball team?

The Tampa Bay Rays were established in 1998.

How old are the Tampa Bay Devil Rays?

The Devil Rays are 12 years old being the youngest, newly formed team in the MLB. They were established in 1998 and in 2007 the name was changed to the Rays.

When did Arizona Diamondbacks become a team?

1998, along with the tampa bay devil rays. The diamondbacks Are the fastest expansion team to win a world series, doing so in 4 years.

What team does David Price play for?

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays which is franchised based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Where are the rays baseball team from?

The Rays baseball team is from Tampa Bay.

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