What year did Oklahoma get a nba team?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: What year did Oklahoma get a nba team?
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What is the name of Oklahoma's NBA team?

Oklahoma City Thunder

What is Oklahoma's NBA team name?

Oklahoma City Thunder.

What is Oklahoma's major sports team?

the answer is adidas

What are major sports teams in Oklahoma?

There is an NBA basketball team known as the Oklahoma City Thunder

What will be the next team to join the NBA?

Oklahoma City Thunder

Has an NBA team never been in a championship?

The Oklahoma Thunder have not been in the NBA playoffs yet.

What is the best NBA team in 2012?

Chicago Bulls or Oklahoma Thunder.

What are the player salaries of the Oklahoma City thunder nba team?


Which NBA team was the last one to be established?

Oklahoma city thunder

Who replaced the team Seattle Sonics in NBA?

Oklahoma City thunder

What was the original name of Oklahoma City Thunder?

Because Oklahoma is plauged by thunderstirms year round.

Why would the SuperSonics Move to Oklahoma?

Oklahoma city never had pro basketball nba brfore. it wants to have new nba team in it Jesse