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Q: What will be the next team to join the NBA?
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Do you get to choose the team you are on when you join the NBA?


What year did the Portland Trailblazers join the NBA?

the trailblazers entered the nba in 1970 as an expansion team to add an extra team to the nba

What NBA team does Jon Scheyer play for?

As of July 4, 2010, Jon Scheyer is not on an NBA team. He was not drafted in the 2010 NBA draft, but will join the Washington Wizards' summer league team.

Who was the first team to join the NBA?

i don't know but i do know that the first team was the kansas jayhawks :)

What year did Michael Jordan join the nba and with what team?

1984 Chicago Bulls

What city will be the next to get an NBA expansion team?

Kansas City

How can an Indian join NBA Basketball?

By being drafted, attending an NBA team tryout, or being signed as a Free Agent.

How to get in the NBA?

First you join High School basketball and then if a college likes how you play they draft after that you play college basketball. After that you can decide if want to go in the NBA draft. When you go in the NBA draft if a NBA team likes they will pick to play for the team. After that you can play in the NBA.

Did any nba championship team get swept the next year?


Which team is Lewis Hamilton leaving and which team will he join next year?

Leaving Vodafone McLaren Mercedes , join Mercedes

Which NBA team is?

NBA is not a team NBA is national basketball association

Where are the seatle sonics in nba?

The Seattle Sonics are nowhere near the NBA in Seattle, the team is hoping for a return in the next three years

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