What year did NFL football start?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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In 1920.

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Q: What year did NFL football start?
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In what year did randy moss start playing football?

Randy Moss's first year in the NFL was 1998

When did Carolina start as a football team?

The Carolina Panthers first year in the NFL was 1995.

Who would you start janikowski or bironas in fantasy football?

Bironas. He's one of the best kickers in the NFL year in and year out.

Where did NFL football start?

america in the 1800s

When does the NFL football season start?


When did the eagles football team start?

The Philadelphia Eagles team was founded in 1933 and joined the NFL the same year.

What year did dan marino start playing nfl football?

His first NFL season was 1983 and his first NFL game was September 19, 1983 against the Los Angeles Raiders.

What year did Brett Favre start pro football?

Brett Favre made his NFL debut in 1991 for the Atlanta Falcons.

What year did tony Franklin start kicking for NFL football?

The barefooted placekicker from Texas A&M was selected in the third round of the 1979 NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles.

When does the football post season start?

The NFL playoffs start Sunday, January 1st in 2012. Every year the playoffs for the NFL start at the same time. Then the playoffs continue even up to and past January 8th 2012.

What is the difference between Madden and NCAA?

Madden is the video game for the NFL and NCAA is college football. they're called Madden NFL (Year) and NCAA Football (Year)

Will the fight between the NFL and the players union in March 2011 effect the upcoming season?

It definetely will. if the nfl and the players union don't come up with an agreement before the start of preseason football, there won't be any football at all next year.