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in the 1919 World Series

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Q: What year did Joe Jackson get kicked out of baseball?
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Who banned Joe Jackson from baseball?

George Knox banned joe Jackson from baseball NO. "Shoeless" Joe Jackson was banned from baseball by the first Commissioner of Baseball, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

Who is baseball bat was Black Betsy?

Shoeless Joe Jackson called his baseball bat "Black Betsy"

Does Joe Jackson work?

Joe Jackson is an 80 year old retired senior citizen.

Did Joe Jackson bite on baseball?


What year did Joe Jackson marry Katherine Jackson?


You would like the year by year stats on shoeless joe Jackson?

Joe Jackson was a career .356 hitter with 54 HRs and 785 RBIs. Click on the 'Joe Jackson Yearly Stats' link below to see he year by year numbers.

What year was Joseph Jefferson Jackson banned from playing baseball?

Joseph Jefferson Jackson known for his nickname of "Shoeless Joe Jackson" was banned in the year of 1921 as a result of his alleged involvement in the 1919 Black Sox Scandal.

What is the vaule for joe Gordon autographed baseball glove from 1958?

Joe Jackson Signed Baseball GloveA Joe Jackson signature is one of the rarest autographs in the hobby. Rarely found at auction a signed baseball could sell in the $25,000. -$40,000. price range. A signed baseball glove would be compatible in value if not more. The baseball glove could be endorsed by Joe Jackson and not hand signed. A Joe Jackson signature model glove can fetch a value in the $1,000's depending on condition.

Is shoeless joe Jackson from the negro baseball league?

yes he was

When and where did baseball player Shoeless Joe Jackson die?

Shoeless Joe Jackson died December 5, 1951, in Greenville, SC, USA.

Did shoeless Joe Jackson really bet on baseball?

NO shoeless joe jackson never bet on baseball in 1997 a court falled shoelees joe jackson not guilty because of these resins jackson hit over .400 in the series hit 2 home runs and never mad an error also the athor players said them selves joe didn't do it

What is Shoeless Joe Jackson's real name?

"Shoeless Joe Jackson's" real name was Joseph Jefferson Jackson. He played an outfielder in Major League Baseball in the early 1900's.