What year did Jamaica participate in the summer Olympics?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Except for the 1960 Summer Olympics, Jamaica has participated in every Summer Olympics since 1948.

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Q: What year did Jamaica participate in the summer Olympics?
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What year did Jamaica first participate in summer Olympics?

in 1948

What year did Jamaica host the Olympics?

Jamaica has never hosted the Olympics

What year did Jamaica join the Olympics?

1948 Summer Games in London. The 1948 Summer Games were the first Olympics Jamaica participated in. They won three medals at those Games, 1 gold and 2 silver. The first medal won by Jamaica was a silver in the men's 800 meter run by Arthur Wint. Three days later, Wint won gold and Herb McKenley won silver in the men's 400 meter dash.

Is it the summer or winter Olympics this year 2011?

The summer and winter Olympics is in 2012, next year.

The Fastest 100 meter ever ran in the Olympics?

9.69 seconds by Usain Bolt of Jamaica at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.

What year did Jamaica first compete in the Olympics?


Where will the 2010 Summer Games be held?

there will be no Summer Olympics in 2010, the Winter Olympics were held this year. the next Summer Olympics will be in 2012, in London, England.

Is the summer Olympics held every year?

The summer Olympics is held every four years.

Where is the summer Olympics being held this year?

the 2012 summer Olympics will be held in London, England

What are the two types of Olympics of these year?

summer and winter Olympics

In what years do summer Olympics occur?

Summer Olympics occur in leap years. If the month of February has 29 days in the year, the Summer Olympics is scheduled to be competed.

How many people in Jamaica are taking part in this year's Olympics?