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Italy join the Six Nations Championship in 2000

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Italy is not won the Rugby world cup ever yet

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Q: What year did Italy win the RUGBY world cup?
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Has the Italian rugby team won the world cup?

Italy have never won the Rugby World Cup.

Is Italy playing in the rugby world cup 2011?

Yes, they are.

Who won the rugby World Cup this year?

There was not Rugby League world cup in 2010, next one is 2013.

What year was the Rugby World Cup established?


Has Africa ever hosted the rugby world cup?

Yes South Africa hosted the Rugby world cup , that year they even won it.

Who has hosted the rugby World Cup?

Uruguay, Italy, France, England, Germany, Argentina.

What year did France win the world soccer cup and the rugby world cup?

They won the FIFA World Cup in 1998, but have never won the Rugby World Cup, though they did lose the final in 1987 and 1999.

Where can one purchase Rugby World Cup tickets?

One can purchase Rugby World Cup tickets on their site, which will be available within the next year.

When is the rugby world cup this year?

:D 9th december

Who do Ireland play in rugby world cup 2011?

Australia Ireland Italy Russia USA

Will there be a rugby World Cup in 2010?

There is a rugby world cup in 2010 it is the womans world cup.

Why do you think Italy might win the world cup this year?

Italy has had a very weak start and probably will not win the world cup this year.