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Q: What year did Donavon McNabb beat Micheal Vick to go to the super bowl?
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Do Michael Vick own a super bowl ring?

Micheal Vick does not own or have a super bowl ring

Who is faster Micheal Vick or cam newton?

Micheal vick

Who's better Michael Vick or Donovan McNabb?

Well, Michael Vick is faster, and Donovan McNabb is a better thrower, but he also has speed Donovan had a better career because he almost won the Super Bowl and went to about 3 or 4 NFC championship games. Micheal Vick never has been to 1! If you really want to know who's a better player the answer is Donovan, because he has a bullet of an arm and can look for his receiver's. Yes, Michael Vick has gone to an NFC championship, it was when the Eagles played them in the 2004. The Eagles won and went to the Super Bowl.

Is donovan mcnabb related to Michael Vick?


Who are the top 5 NFL quarterbacks for rushing td's?

1. Micheal Vick 2. Donavan Mcnabb 3. Vince Young 4. Jeff Garcia 5. Tavaris Jackson

Is Michael Vick awesome?

Micheal Vick is just a non-awesome version of Michael Vick

Donovan McNabb stats compared to mike Vick stats who's the better all around QB?

Mcnabb..... period

Who does Marcus Vick play for?

If Marcus is Micheal Vick then The philidelphea Eagles

Who is a better person Michael Vick or Casey Anthony?

Micheal Vick

Who will win the MVP race Michael Vick or Tom Brady?

Micheal Vick because he can run and throw the ball. Plus, Micheal Vick has not been in the league sense 2007.

Who has the stronger arm mike Vick or donavan Mcnabb?

Does it really matter

Does Micheal Vick have herpes?

so what if he does?

Do you hate Micheal Vick?


Is Micheal Vick a christian?


When did Michael Vick and donovan mcnabb first meet?

They met in January when Michael Vick was considering Syracuse as a College and donovan was the quarterback at syracuse.

Who is the shortest quarterback in the nfl?

Micheal Vick

What is Micheal Vick's height and weight?

6'0" 215 lbs

Who is the starting quarterback for the eagles?

micheal vick

How old is Micheal Vick now?

he is 31

What year did the atlanta falcon get Michael Vick?

the atlanta falcons got Micheal Vick in 2001

What NFL player was selling crack?

Micheal Vick

Why did micheal Vick go to jail?

for dog fights

What college did Micheal Vick go to?

Virginia Tech

Who is Allen Iverson's cousin in the NFL?

micheal Vick

How far does Micheal Vick throw?

70 yards

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