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he didnt he made varsity fresmen year

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Q: What year did Derek Jeter make the Jr Varsity team?
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Which team drafted Derek Jeter?

The New York Yankees drafted Derek Jeter.

Which year did Derek Jeter play on his first All-Star team?

Derek Jeter made his first All-Star team appearance in 1998.

What team was Derek Jeter on before the yakees?

Derek Jeter was never on any other MLB team other than the New York Yankees.

How long has Derek Jeter been the captain?

Derek Jeter was named New York Yankees team captain in 2003.

What team is Derek Jeter on?

The New York Yankees

What team does Derek Jeter part own?

As of the present time, Derek is not a part owner of any team.

Did Derek Jeter play in the National League?

No, he did not. Derek Jeter has always played for the New York Yankees, which is an American League team.

Why did players join Derek in a team?

They joined him because Derek Jeter was doing good.