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1984, Marino threw for 5,084 yards

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Q: What year did Dan Marino throw for over 5000 yards?
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Which college players have rushed for over 5000 yards?

Adrian petersom

Who threw for the Most yards in a 2009 game?

Peyton manning (over 5000)

What year did Aaron Rodgers throw over 400 yards?


How far can Jeff garcia throw a football?

Jeff garcia i don't think he can throw over 60 yards

Who was the eagles first quarterback to throw over 3600 yards in a season?

Sonny Jurgensen with 3,723 passing yards in 1961.

How many single season 5000 yard passers have there been in NCAA history?

There are 4 quarterbacks who have thrown for over 5000 yards in a season. However, it has been done 5 times; twice by Drew Brees. 1) Drew Brees-5,476 & 5,069 2) Tom Brady-5,235 3) Dan Marino-5,084 4) Matthew Stafford-5,084

Who is the only Bengals QB to throw for over 4000 yards in a single season?

Carson palmer

Who replaced dan marino when he tore his Achilles tendon?

Scott Mitchell, the then Dolphins back up QB did a pretty good job for a few games. He then also injured himself and then Doug Pederson came in into QB.. At that point the Dolphins signed veteran Steve Deberg who played a few games until Mitchell was healthy enough to finish off the season. Marino came back the very next year to throw 30 touchdowns and for over 4000 yards.

How far can Peyton Manning throw?

NFL quarterbacks can throw the ball varying distances. Some quarterbacks with weaker arms can only throw the ball 60 yards or so, while others (like Raiders' QB Jamarcus Russell) can heave the pigskin in excess of 70 yards.

Who has the most passing yards in an NFL single season?

As of the 2008 season, in the NFL the most passing yards in a single season is 5,084 by Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins in 1984.

How many Heisman Trophy winners came from BYU football?

Ty Detmer He threw for over 5000 yards

How far can a laccrosse ball be thrown?

The distance a lacrosse ball can be thrown varies depending on the player's skill, strength, and technique. On average, a strong throw can reach around 60-70 yards, but some elite players have been known to throw the ball over 80 yards.