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Q: What year did Brett Favre start collage?
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What year did Brett Favre start pro football?

Brett Favre made his NFL debut in 1991 for the Atlanta Falcons.

When was Brett favre a rookie?

Brett favre's rookie year was in 1991

Is Brett Favre going to play this year?

No. On March 4, 2008 Brett Favre retired.

How much does Brett Favre make per year?

Brett Favre (Vikings) is currently being payed 8 Million/ Year

In first starting year who threw more tds Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers?

Brett favre

What year will Brett Favre be eligible for Hall of Fame?

Brett Favre is eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2015.

What year did Brett Favre retire?

the year that Brett favre retired was in the day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it was the year 2011 when he got hit in the shoulder and came out of the game

What year was Brett Favre drafted?

Brett Farve was drafted in 1993

What team was Brett Favre on as a rookie?

Brett Favre spent his rookie year with the Atlanta Falcons and was traded the very next year to the Green Bay Packers.

What year was Brett favre born?

Brett favre was born on october 10, 1969 October 10, 1969

What year will Brett Favre retire?


Will Brett Favre be cut?

No. As of February 2010, Rick Spielman (chief coordinator, Minnesota Vikings) says he want Brett Favre back another year. In addition, Brad Childress, the head coach of the Vikings team, is letting Brett Favre take his time regarding his future career: he will not give Brett Favre a deadline. Now, of course, its up to Brett Favre whether he continues his record-setting consecutive start streak by playing another year. Although he recently told ESPN he highly doubts his return, Favre has already "retired" twice in a row, so he may continue even if he says he has quit.

How long do you think Brett Favre will play in the NFL?

Brett Favre currently has one more year remaining on his 2 year contract with the Vikings. Whether or not he will complete the contract is anybody's guess. Most likely we will not know until right before the start of the '10 season.

How many touchdowns did Brett Favre throw during his first year?

None. In his rookie year with the Atlanta Falcons, Brett Favre only attempted 4 passes with 0 completions.

Is Brett Favre playing football next year?


Why is Brett Favre retiring?

Next year. (As usual)

What year did brett favre play for the jets?


Who is Brett Favre playing for this year 2011?

Favre is playing for the Minnesota Vikings. This year is 2010. It's his second season with them.

What year did Brett Favre start playing for the Vikings?

He started playing in 2009 only to play one short year and decide to retire in 2010

Who did Brett Favre play for in the 1960's?

Brett Favre was born in 1969 (the last year of the sixties), so there was no way for him to play for any team in the 1960's.

Has Brett Favre ever played in a super bowl?

Yes, Brett Favre played in two Super Bowls. He beat the Patriots, then lost the next year to Denver.

How much is Brett Favre paid?

12 million a year

What year did Brett Favre wear braces on his teeth?


What is Brett Favre's Earning's?

he earnes about 2.5 million a year

Which year did Brett Favre win the Super Bowl?