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Q: What year did Alex Ferguson take over as Manager?
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What year did Alex Ferguson take over as Manager of Manchester United?


When did alex Ferguson take over rangers?

he never managed rangers just aberdeen

How many years did it take Alex Ferguson to win a trophy?


Should alex Ferguson get the England job?

He would never take it; Ferguson will end his career at united or simply end it.

How many years and months did it take alex Ferguson to win a trophy at man utd?

6 Years.

What fall out boy song is alex wolff in?

"The Take Over, The Breaks Over"

When did Bruce boche take over as manager of the giants?

October 2006

What year did Brian Cody take over as manager of Kilkenny?


What is the alex Ferguson salary per month?

This is a quote from the Telegraph newspaper. Whether it's true or not, who knows?! I would have personally thought that these figures can't be too far wrong?! Also. This was back in 2007. So you'd better add a bit to the total. Sam Allardyce has been offered a £3m-per-annum, four-year contract to take charge of Newcastle United and become the Premiership's third best paid manager behind Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Who was Chelsea FC's old manager?

Chelseas are officially without a manager, but after Euro 2008 finishes for Portugal, Phil Scolari will take over. Before him Avram Grant was the manager, as he took over from Jose Mourinho.

Who plays the little kid in the take over the breaks over by Fall Out Boy?

The boy is Alex Wolff from The Naked Brothers Band.

What are two reasons why Northern Europe was frequently invaded?

Alex wanted to take over Northern Europe

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