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Assume the runner can maintain level pace for the duration of the run.

1 mile per 10 minutes = 6 mph

A marathon course measures 26 miles 385 yd = 26.21875 miles.

Velocity (speed) = Distance ÷ Time : Time = Distance ÷ Velocity

Time taken = 26.21875/6 = 4.3698 hours = 4 hours 22 minutes 12 seconds

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Your time would be 4h:22m:00s

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Q: What would your time be if you ran a 10 minute mile in a marathon?
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How do you convert 40 yard dash times into 60 yard dash times?

You can't. It would be like extrapolating a marathon time from a mile time.

Who was the first person to run the 40 minute mile?

It takes less time to walk a mile!

How much longer would it take to run a marothon at a speed of one mile in 5.5 minutes than one mile in 5 minutes?

The excess is 1/2 minute per mile.The marathon is 26 and (385/1760) miles.The aggregate excess time is (0.5) x (26-385/1760) = 13.109 minutes (rounded) = 13min 6.6sec

What is the average time it takes to run 5 miles?

Well if your running at a 7 minute mile pace it would take about 35 mins.

Time for a car at 100 mph to travel 6.1 miles?

well, you have to figure that @ 60 mph, the car would travel a mile a minute. not sure @ this time what the exact answer is

What is the average speed for a 4 hour 31 minute marathon?

Assuming a distance of 42.195 kilometers, the average speed for a 4 hour 31 minute time would be 5.8 miles per hour or 9.3 km per hour.

What is a good 4 mile run time for a 35 year old male?

40 minutes would be a pretty good time for that age group, a 10 minute mile is very common, and to sustain it for 40 minutes is pretty good.

What is a good speed to complete a 5k in 18 minutes?

Most people would run about a 6 minute mile to achieve a time of 18 minutes.

What is a good 4 km run time?

Average would be about a 10 minute per mile pace, so 30 mins. A decent time is sub 20 minutes.

What is a good mile time for 33 year old man?

Eamonn Caughlin broke a 4 minute mile after age 40.

What is the fastest time in the half mile run for the Olympics?

1 minute 14 seconds

How many minutes in a tenth of a mile?

The time required to travel 1/10 of a mile would depend upon the speed.The latitude/longitude "minute" is 1/60 of a degree, and is measured as flat on maps although it is on the curved exterior of the Earth. A minute of latitude is equal to a nautical mile, which is 1.15 miles or 1.85 kilometers. A minute of longitude is equal to that only at the equator, and becomes less as you move toward the poles and the longitude lines converge.So there would be 0.087 latitude minutes in 1/10 of a mile.