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A good questions to add to this question would be..."Why on earth would you want to sell a special Olympic medal?" Is there no sentimental value?

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Q: What would the resale value of a special Olympic medal be?
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What is the value of the Olympic silver medal?

it is $1200,00 ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Value of 1912 olympic gold medal?


Cash value olympic gold medal?


What is the value of a Olympic Bronze medal?

The value of a 1212 bronze medal is $ 4 75 or 3 UK pounds

Value of an olympic gold medal?

Probably not that much, because the medal is made out to the swimmer.

What is the value of an olympic silver medal?

At 2010 pricing the Olympic Silver medal is surprisingly worth more than that of an Olympic Gold at an astounding $1200.00 a pop.

Dollar value of olympic gold medal?

About 650 bucks

What is the value of an olympic bronze medal?

Worth 3rd place!

Olympic gold medal value?

the person who wins gold gets 25.000 in the us but the gold medal is worth about 644usd

What is market value of an Olympic gold medal?

As the Olympic Gold medals aren't entirely gold, they are around ₤500-₤2000

What is the value of an Olympic gold medal in pounds sterling?

What is the resale value of a Taurus 38 Special revolver?

Value of ANY gun is based on make, model, condition. There is not enough information in your question to answer it.

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