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kicking a goal

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Q: What would not be considered a foul in soccer?
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What does clipping mean in soccer terms?

When you trip them causing them to fall and is considered a foul

Which of the could be considered a foul?

Kicking a soccer ball past the goalie to score a goal. Apex

What is the foul line in soccer?

I am a soccer referee and I have never heard that term before, I would imagine it is the sideline.

What is a serious foul in soccer called?

Professional foul

What is meant by a disqualifying a foul in soccer?

There is no such thing as disqualifying a foul in soccer. However, the referee may choose not to call a foul because it is trifling, because the referee is not certain that a foul was committed, or because the team offended by the infraction would gain an advantage by allowing play to continue.

If a player throws the ball from his defending court to the opposite court and it enters the rim then will it be considered a shot or a foul?

i think it would be considered a foul

What does dissent foul mean in soccer?

Dissent is not a foul, it is misconduct, and the consequence is a caution.

What if a ball hits in fair territory and bounces in the air over the foul line and is touched by an infielder-is it foul?

It would depend on if the play happened within first and third base. the ball would be considered foul if it was touched in foul ground.

Can you trip from behind in soccer?

Yes you can! But it's a foul.

A batter hits a fly ball and it lands on the right field foul line is it fair or foul?

The foul line is considered part of fair territory. It would be a fair ball.

How many fouls are in soccer?

Yes there are fouls in U-10 soccer. A foul is a foul, no matter what age. Now fouls in U-10 soccer may not be on purpose like some of those in age groups above U-10, but they may be. Again though, a foul is a foul, no matter what the age.

What is a serious foul called when a player must leave a soccer game?

Im pretty sure its called an Expulsion- A serious foul